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What is a GRACE Care Basket?

The GRACE Care Basket resources were created for parents who are faced with a pregnancy or infant loss. The contents help guide, comfort and support parents who are experiencing a miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal loss.
There are 4 variations that can be ordered based on the gestation and the gender of the baby. For boy baskets the contents are predominantly blue and for girl baskets the contents are predominantly pink. The 20+ week baskets have additional resources such as a hand and foot molding kit and a book to help plan a baby’s memorial service.  
GRACE Care Baskets~
  •  19 weeks or earlier gestation boy (miscarriage)
  •  19 weeks or earlier gestation girl (miscarriage)
  •  20 weeks to full term boy
  •  20 weeks to full term girl

What is the GRACE Care Tote?

This is the same resource as a GRACE Care Basket, only the contents are for a baby that has miscarried at 19 weeks or earlier gestation and the gender is not yet known or the gender may not be possible to determine. The tote contents are neutral colors of cream, white, yellow and green and there are no dominantly colored pink or blue items in the Totes. The cream-colored tote bag zips at the top and has the Missing GRACE logo on the side. In addition to the standard contents, and at the discretion of Missing GRACE, items may be added to the Baskets or Totes, dependent upon donations received, the season, and our stock at the time of the order. Examples: a Christmas ornament, angel figurine, soap, lotion, key chain, additional stuffed animals, etc. Baby gowns and hats are handmade by volunteers and can be included with an order when requested.

When is it best to give parents a GRACE Care Basket or GRACE Care Tote?

As soon as parents receive an unfavorable diagnosis in their pregnancy indicating the baby may not survive (often this is discovered at the 20 week ultra sound) or shortly after their baby has been born. It is ideal if they can receive the GRACE Care Basket or GRACE Care Tote while still in the hospital, at their home birth or after the baby has died but before the baby has been buried or cremated.

Who can order a GRACE Care Basket or GRACE Care Tote Bag?

Anyone can order them- nurses, doctors, chaplains, social workers, church staff, funeral home directors, friends and family and the parents themselves.
It is most often that a representative from the hospital or clinic orders them in advance to have on hand for their patients in the event that a baby does not survive. The representative from the hospital will reorder as needed to ensure there are always extras of each variation on hand.
Friends and family are welcome to order the GRACE Care Basket or GRACE Care Tote to give as a gift and as a way to support their friend or loved one going through the pregnancy or infant loss. By purchasing the resources and by donating to Missing GRACE Foundation, they also help continue to make these invaluable resources available to others in need.  The parents themselves may also order their own GRACE Care Basket or GRACE Care Tote and Missing GRACE Foundation works diligently to raise funds to help make it possible to give them at no charge to the parents.

Where can I order the GRACE Care Basket or GRACE Care Tote?

You will be able to order right here online using the Order Form and the resource will be shipped to the address you enter on your order. The Order Form will be available soon!
If you live in the Minnesota metro area or surrounding suburbs, you can also call: 763-497-0709 ext. 3 and arrange to either pick up the GRACE Care Basket or GRACE Care Tote or to have it delivered. *Please note this option is dependent upon the volunteer staff availability at the time of the request and may not always be possible.

Hospitals Please call the Missing GRACE Foundation at 763-497-0709 and press ext. 1 For Special Pricing to place your order
Click HERE to view the Basket and Tote contents and pricing.