Parents of a Stillborn

If you are reading this, you have likely personally experienced the tragedy of having had a baby that was stillborn. It is devastating and life altering to have to cope with the stillbirth of your healthy baby that should be with you in your loving home. We want you to know that our hearts ache for your loss and we grieve the losses of all those who come to us looking for answers, support and resources. We have been down this painful and difficult road and can say that it does help ease some of the pain and brings some healing to DO something for your baby. It is very common to feel anger, to want to blame, to want to make someone pay, to become bitter...but all of that doesn't ever bring our babies back, nor does it help us heal or grow. There are constructive things you can do though, that will help make a difference. By raising awareness and bringing educational information to your area clinics and hospitals you can help to not only save the life of another baby, but it can also be so honoring of your precious little one. Imagine if someone before you had brought this much needed education to your hospital, how different your life could possibly be right now. You have a very special opportunity to do something with your passion for this issue and the love you have for your baby. Please help us to reach our goals of preventing future stillbirths and ensuring that healthcare professionals provide compassionate and competent care.

Feel free to call or write us for assistance with bringing this much needed education to your area. A vast number of cord related stillbirths are indeed preventable with proper management and monitoring during the pregnancy. This is a medically proven fact! We will team with you and work for you in raising such awareness. Remember that you are not alone on this journey. Grieving is hard work and it takes on many forms. It is a body, mind and soul process. Know however, that you can experience once again, a restored sense of hope, peace and joy.

With Kindest Regards,
Candy and Stephen McVicar
Founder and Directors of  Missing GRACE Foundation

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