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Pregnancy after Stillbirth and Home Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring via the Internet
This is a current study by Jason H Collins MD of The Pregnancy Institute. There are many other valuable case studies on his site.

Monitor Gives Hope for Stillbirths

Fetal Death: Etiology and Pathological Findings

No cry at birth: global estimates of intrapartum stillbirths and intrapartum-related neonatal deaths

Stillbirth Article

Hope with a Heartbeat
With worry a constant companion, the author embarks on another pregnancy, poststillbirth.

Stillborn laws entangled in abortion debate

Umbilical Cord Complications

Protecting Infants Against Secondhand Smoke

Impact of Thyroxine-Binding Globulin on Thyroid Hormone Economy During Pregnancy

Small-for-Gestational-Age Infant Predicts Stillbirth in Subsequent Pregnancy

Neonatal Outcome Still Poor After Very Early Membrane Rupture

Breast-Fed Infants Are Easily Aroused From Active Sleep at 2 to 3 Months of Age

Infant Mortality up in U.S., Government Finds

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