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Home Monitoring

Subsequent Pregnancy After Loss: If you have experienced a previous stillbirth Pregnancy Institute has a home fetal monitoring program that we would like to discuss with you in detail. Please call for more information.

If you have experienced decreased fetal movement or have been diagnosed with an umbilical cord issue by Ultra Sound please contact us about our home monitoring program.

Silent Risk Educational DVD

Highlights of DVD:

*Introduction to our home monitoring program

*Ways to protect your pregnancy

*Understanding the motion of your baby

*Stories of loss and hope

In this DVD you will hear from parents who have experienced having had a stillbirth, miscarriage, or neonatal death due to cord related issues. In their subsequent pregnancies many had another baby with a cord issue, but all had successful outcomes through our monitoring program. There is also testimony from a mother who has 2 children, both babies had the same type of cord issues repeated. She was taught what to look for and how to alert the doctor of her baby's behavior changes. Her pregnancies were all monitored closely by Pregnancy institute and her babies each did well and were delivered without complications.

Please call 763-497-0709 to order

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